Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we determine our lead-time, and can it ever be adjusted?

A: Our lead-time fluctuates based on the number of orders currently in production, the amount & schedule of employees, and availability of materials. We can sometimes decrease the lead-time on specific orders with a ‘rush fee’.

Q: Do we ever have any lamps in back-stock?

A: (Please inquire upon request). We can occasionally satisfy requests for immediate lamp orders by selling lamps off the showroom floor.

Q: Why is there an upcharge for certain types of glass and patinas?

A: These specialty options take more time and labor to produce. Example: The amber glass requires several extra steps to fuse.

Q: Can I order a lamp without any stringer tiles

A: Yes, Please specify upon order.

Q: How do you ship?

A: We ship with UPS or Fed Ex (depending on the size of the shipment). We can also bill 3rd party upon request.

Q: Are all of your lamps UL certified?

A: Yes, each of our Pendants and Sconces are UL and Canadian UL certified.

Q: Which lamps are UL Wet certified?

A: The Dakota, and Ribbon sconces have UL Wet certification.

Q: What is the minimum overall drop for Pendants? Can they be flush mounted?

A: Each pendant has a specific minimum OAD (furnished on request). Pendants will always have at least four inches clearance from the ceiling and cannot be ‘flush’ mounted. We must allow enough room for ventilation and bulb replacement.

Q: What are your ‘standard’ glass and patina options?

A: Ivory glass w/Garnet accents & Antique Bronze patina. (most lamps)

Q: What is a downlight for?

A: The downlight is halogen bulb, which is mounted at the bottom of a pendant. This feature is used to help spotlight or illuminate an object directly below a pendant (such as a dining table). The downlights are wired for a separate circuit.

Q: How can I find information on your newest designs?

A: Please visit the ‘new’ section of our website:

Q: Do you consider custom requests?

A: Absolutely, whether it’s a size change or a new design, we always do our best to accommodate special requests. Please call to inquire.

Q: What is the maximum wattage bulb I can use in my lamps?

A: Our lamps are certified for 60 watts.

Q: Can I use compact florescent bulbs?

A: Yes, however compact florescent bulbs with screw base cannot be dimmed. We recommend 2700 deg or warm white bulbs.

Q: Can I use florescent bulbs that can dim?

A: Yes, but the bulbs and the ballast and the dimming control must be coordinated precisely. Please call to inquire.

Q: How can I hide the view of the bulbs from the top of the lamp?

A: We offer a feature called a ‘diffuser’; this helps hide the bulbs when viewing from above.

Q: Can the drop be altered on the site of installation?

A: No, all of the hanging rods must be built to specific lengths in our shop.

Q: What is OAD?

A: Overall Drop: The total distance from the ceiling to the very bottom of the pendant.

Q: Can the lamps be installed on a sloped ceiling?

A: Yes. Please advise the degree of the slope.

Q: Can I visit the Hilliard Studio?

A: Yes! Please give us a call to make an appointment. (707)-826-1545