At the Hilliard studio we operate with a primary goal in mind:

Create something useful, beautiful, and cherished.


,We believe that fine lighting fixtures should be timeless in style and in materials. By using glass, bronze, and stone we can ensure that our lighting fixtures become the heirlooms of our next generation. Every Hilliard lamp, sconce, chandelier and pendant lighting fixture is signed, numbered, and dated.


Shortly after meeting in an art class at Humboldt State University in 1974, Noel Hilliard and Janene Anderson Hilliard discovered that they had both previously created custom lamps. Their newfound relationship led to crafting collaborative lighting, and was the spark of the company. In 1975 their shared desire for creating functional art was born into Lamps By Hilliard. Today, their legacy continues on with their son Samuel Hilliard as principle designer and president. 

Founders & the Future

Founder Janene Hilliard  is credited for developing the iconic glass tile lamp. Finding inspiration from cultural artifacts around the world, she used her unique stained glass skill set to generate the style easily identified as a Hilliard fixture. 
Founder Noel Hilliard is inspired to push both age old materials of glass and bronze into new and interesting forms. In 1978, Noel hand made a furnace by re-purposing a steel water heater and turning their family’s backyard into a casting deck. This foundry gave them the ability to create custom bases for their stained glass creations and to expand their collective skill set and capabilities. The Hilliard foundry is no longer located in the family’s back yard, but the furnace is the same one he made back then.  

In 2015 Samuel Hilliard was named Principal Designer and President. His mission is to bring fresh and lasting beauty to a home. With a background in studio art and a previous career in eyewear design, he is inspired to create fashion forward designs and to create fixtures that are unique, useful, and illuminating.